Get students to look beyond their world and understand the lives of other people in a genuine and meaningful way by having a sister school programme.

  Our sister school programme contributes to increased global awareness and internationalism within the school community. We have found this helps the personal development of students, such as leadership, maturity and independence. A partnership can motivate students to learn Chinese, to hear Chinese spoken in an authentic context and practice their Chinese in an immersive atmosphere. You can find out more about the benefits of a sister school partnership with our recent blog post “Benefits to a Chinese Sister School”.

ACUK has been creating successful Chinese sister school partnerships. First of all running international programs so that your partnership stays connected. We run headteacher delegations throughout the year to start the beginning of the partnerships. We make sure there are regular exchanges so that both students and staff benefit from the immersive experiences. There are opportunities to host Chinese students which can result in extra funding for your school. Finally, we have a network of Mandarin teachers. Due to this, we can help your school learn Mandarin which will be a great addition to your sister school.  

Why China?

   China is becoming the largest economy in the world and will have an impact on the future of your students. Becuase of this, links with China can provide awesome opportunities. Furthermore, China has an amazing culture which has existed for over 6000 years. As a result, the country and its people have a wealth of knowledge to share. 

What is involved? 

  To set up a Chinese sister school partnership we first ask that the headteacher of the school attends a delegation in China. Here the headteacher will visit their Chinese sister school and meet with the education bureau. In addition, headteachers will attend lessons and take part in activities in the school so they are able to fully immerse in the experience. We offer funding towards our headteacher delegations, which you can find more information about on our Headteacher Access page.

Once the delegation is complete we look to launch a student exchange, with UK students going over to visit their sister school and Chinese students coming to the UK. We suggest taking part in joint projects and communications because sharing your education practice will help sustain an active and successful relationship. As a result of this, there will be amazing immersive and life-changing experiences. This is all supported by ACUK so we can help keep your partnership on track. Most of all, we have more opportunities to raise funds for your student exchanges, you can find more information on our Funding page.

What’s next?

  Fill out the form below and we will arrange a meeting or chat. This is so we can discuss the needs and ambitions of your school. From here we will send you a school profile form to complete so that we can match you with a suitable Chinese school. Finally, once this is complete, we can discuss options in regards to our headteacher delegation. Our next delegation is in 2018 and there is still funding available!