With over one billion speakers worldwide, the global significance of Mandarin Chinese cannot be denied. At a time when the UK is repositioning itself on the world stage, young people across the UK need to have the knowledge and skills to unlock their potential in an increasingly connected world. With this in mind, there are few abilities more valuable than speaking Mandarin. Parents across the UK seem to think so too. Research released earlier this year highlighted that those with children aged under 18 see Mandarin as the ‘most beneficial’ non-European language.

51% of parents feel that speaking Mandarin will boost their children’s career prospects.

56% saw Mandarin as a skill that would open their child’s mind to an ‘exciting and dynamic culture’.

These parents would be correct in thinking this. Not only is it the language of the world’s second-biggest economy, research by CBI just last year showed that 28% of almost 500 British companies rate Mandarin as being useful to their business. So, with less than 1% of the UK population currently able to hold a conversation in it, for those who do speak Mandarin, it provides a standout skill in a competitive job market.

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