Headteacher Access:

We believe in the value of international partnerships with China. So much so that we will fund your delegation so that you can get the ball rolling! A fully reimbursable heads delegation trip for the headteacher is the best way to start your journey with your Chinese sister school partnership. You will travel to China for a week to visit and build a relationship with your partner school. Sign a memorandum of understanding and spend some time sightseeing so you are fully able to appreciate what China has to offer. The learnings that you can take from a long-term partnership are staggering.


A fully funded Heads delegation trip will be the best way to start your school’s Chinese sister school partnership.

WHO: Headteacher or school’s senior leaders.

WHEN: March or October for seven days.

WHAT: Visit Chinese sister school and sign a four-year MOU for partnership.

WHY: Fully reimbursable within 12 months by launching your student trip to China.


The typical cost of a Head delegation trip is £1500 and will be reimbursed 100% to your school once you send your students out to China. An example of the cost implications for a school would be:

  • Attend Head’s delegation in March or October, costing you £1500.
  • After returning, launch a UK outbound trip to China and you will be refunded the full £1500.
  • You can raise extra funding for your school by hosting Chinese students, whether that be through our Be Proud, Be the Host program or through your sister school. You will be paid £15 per Chinese student, per day (if you provide lunch and transport).
  • A typical three-day visit for 20 Chinese students will provide: 3X20X15 = £900
  • A further £2000 funding available for schools that attend the programme for CRP on international partnership management.

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