Around one percent of the population in China are Christians, because of this Christmas is only really celebrated in big cities.

Big cities will often have a Christmas tree and will be decorated with lights and other decorations. Some department stores might even have grottos, similar to the UK. 

  • Santa in Chinese is “Shèngdàn Laorén”, which means old Christmas man
  • Merry/Happy Christmas in Chinese is “Sheng Dan Kuai Le or”

The holiday isn’t widely celebrated, but it is becoming more well known. Only very few families will have a tree, if celebrated at all. For those that do have trees, they will be decorated with paper chains, flowers and lanterns. Most people will only see Christmas trees in shops, which is funny considering most plastic trees and decorations are made in China! 

If you are currently learning Mandarin then keep in the festive spirit by singing along to these festive songs below in Chinese:

Learn how to sing ‘Jingle Bells’ in Chinese with the video below:

Teach your class how to sing ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ in Chinese with the video below:

Learn how to sing ‘Silent Night’ in Chinese with the video below:

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