Our Nottingham headteacher delegation has finished but their sister school partnerships are just about to begin! 

The delegation might be over but because of the Nottingham headteacher delegation schools such as Alderman White, Nottingham Free, Warren Academy and more have now made their first connection with China. From this point on nine schools in Nottingham will be able to share student exchanges and more with their Chinese sister school. 

Here what the headteachers thought about their delegation to China in the video below:


The delegation to China gives headteachers the chance to experience China the same way their students will in the future. Not only did they attend a headteacher conference but also a Sino-British education cooperation forum. After this, they visited their sister schools. Here the headteachers were able to take part in lessons and observe teaching styles and practises. 

nottingham headteacher delegation






We also like to make sure there is time for the headteachers to experience China as a whole. This way the headteachers can fully appreciate what this beautiful country has to offer. With this in mind, we organised a trip to the Yu Gardens, Ningbo Education Museum, Shanghai tower and the Huangpu River Cruise. 

Nottingham headteacher delegation

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